22 Aug

DHS Challenge – Transformation Tuesday – Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery

DHS Challenge – Transformation Tuesday – Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery
Next stop on our DHS challenge: Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery.

Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery contacted Delivered Health Solutions and challenged us to remove odours derived from constant use of the fitness studio. After hearing rave reviews from, Tim Holmes, Vikings Head of Player Welfare & Strength and Conditioning, Nuffield’s curiosity peaked and they asked to be the next challengers.

Challenge accepted. Que, Aeroguard 4S.

Aeroguard 4S is a 2-in-1 odour elimination and air purification solution. Perfect for a gym environment where air quality is very important and foul odours are present from consistent use.

With its 5 filtration stages, the odour elimination and air purification system constantly guarantees you fresh, clean and healthy air.

Each filtration stage has its own job:

5-Stage Filtration System
  1. Pre Filter – captures hair and rough larger particles
  2. SWISS HEPA 13 Filter – fine dust, pollen, mildew, pet dander & spores
  3. Active Carbon Filter – gas & odours
  4. Nanopure+ – viruses and bacteria
  5. Duotron – UV light filter which outputs combined ions – positive & negative ions.

In a gym environment, the Duotron technology is a particular benefit. Without getting too technical, it’s all about the airborne IONS. Negative IONS bond with pollutants in the air making them heavier causing them to fall to the ground, which is good. Through the charge of the positive ions, the cell walls of viruses and bacteria are destroyed.

There are various health benefits to Ionised air.  Ionised air can strengthen the cardiovascular system thus creating better blood flow and stabilisation of pulse frequency. It can also help improve oxygen intake, which is crucial when exercising and can help increase endurance performance and feeling more vital.

So far, the results and feedback have been outstanding.

Debbie Shepherd, Nuffield Birmingham Rubery member said “It was refreshing to go in to the studio after a class and not be hit with the smell of bodily odours from previous members efforts, instead there was just no smell at all. It was weird. You wouldn’t have known there was a class on before. I also didn’t feel as tired during the class, and the air in general felt cleaner, less stuffy”.

Nuffield Health

Before we begin each challenge, we measure the indoor air quality on a handy little portable machine, an Air Quality Monitor. The Air Quality Monitor is a laser particle monitor which can detecting particles down to 0.5 micron with the large particle size range is calibrated to 2. 5 microns and above. The monitor generates two numbers, one measuring the small particles and the other larger particles. At the beginning of the challenge, the studio measured 70 microns (pollen, etc.) and 7 microns (bacteria/mould etc.).

Today, we popped back to see how the challenge was progressing, the monitor read 7/1 microns. What a huge difference!

Do you have an odour issue, poor indoor air quality or want to improve productivity? Why not contact us to discuss if you are ready to take the DHS challenge.
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