Vileda PVA micro

PVAmicro is a new generation of knitted microfibre cloth with a unique patented PVA coating, which leaves nothing behind but clean, shiny surfaces.

The cloth is especially effective on surfaces such as glass and stainless steel, where perfect, streak-free cleaning results are desired. The PVA coating provides excellent rinseability,making it suitable for use with the bucket method for all purpose cleaning in sites like offices, public buildings, hotels and many more.


PVAmicro is a combination of a knitted, textile microfibre cloth with a unique coating of PVA, which increases the rinsability and overall cleaning result. Conventional knitted microfibre cleaning cloths are good in capturing dirt particles but can be ineffective in releasing this dirt during rinsing in the bucket.

The additional PVA layer in PVAmicro only partially covers the microfibre, helping to release trapped dirt during rinsing whilst maintaining microfibre cleaning performance.

Only a bucket with cleaning solution is needed to achieve a super effective rinsing result. Sixty times less particles are left in the cloth which reduces the risk of scratching sensitive surfaces such as glass and chrome. Using PVAmicro in your site can be a major contributor in maintaining the value of the building and its interiors.


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