TECcare VorTEC Decontamination Misting System

This specialist high energy, easy to use misting system has a choice of 4-programs, depending on the size of the room.

It offers total environmental decontamination targeting infection transmission pathways, and is suitable for use within all healthcare setting, with minimal training required. Can be deployed to control outbreaks or used as a preventative action to reduce the risk of transmission of highly infectious pathogens.


If you’re looking for rapid high level decontamination, then look no further than the VorTEC decontamination misting system.

The misting system’s robust design meets the demands of acute and primary care environments providing ultra-high levels of efficiency and rapid decontamination. And don’t be fooled by its size this machine can decontaminate rooms up to 600m³.Treatment times can range from 36 minutes for rooms up to 150m³ to 68 minutes for rooms up to 600m³.

Safe in use, formulations used in the VorTEC Decontamination System have undergone extensive compatibility testing on commonly used medical devices, materials and fabrics. Use with convenient pre-filled 1000ml cartridges of either VorTEC fluid (for standard disinfection and decontamination as part of a routine cleaning/deep cleaning/terminal clean programme) or VorTEC Plus fluid (ideal for ultra-high level disinfection/decontamination in response to outbreaks).


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