TECcare PROTECT Hand Sanitising Foamer 50ml

TECcare® PROTECT is a disinfectant / antiseptic technology platform. It is intended for use as a skin antiseptic and offers safe, effective, user friendly hand and skin cleansing, disinfection and sanitation across a wide range of industries from healthcare to educational establishments, to food processing to veterinary science.



  • Individual 50ml pump dispenser
  • Pocket size and easy to carry for personal use when on the move.
  • Easy to use with replaceable cap to prevent accidental dispensing

The TECcare® PROTECT technology platform is based around the quaternary ammonium compound benzalkonium chloride (BAC) with an adjuvant effect to enhance its antimicrobial efficacy.

TECcare® PROTECT products are specifically designed to reduce the risk of infection, cross infection, cross contamination, spoilage etc. which occurs as a result of contact via the hands and skin.


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