TECcare CONTROL Concentrate

TECcare® ULTRA is a world class ultra-high level sporicidal disinfectant technology platform offering rapid, safe and effective disinfection across a range of industries from healthcare to education establishments to agriculture, to water treatment to food processing.

The TECcare® ULTRA technology platform is based on a peracid with an adjuvant effect to enhance its antimicrobial efficacy.


  • 4 litre drum of concentrate
  • Makes between 100 and 200 litres of ready for use TECcare® ULTRA fluid (depending upon its application and subsequent dilution rate)
  • Easy to dilute, mix and store (no special storage requirements)
  • Suitable for use with all cleaning systems including cloths, mops, microfibre etc.
  • Can be used with the TECcare® SMART pump system

As a very high level disinfectant TECcare® ULTRA is specifically designed to minimise the risk of infection, cross infection, cross contamination, spoilage etc. which occurs as a result of contact with surfaces or air. Products are available in two formats:

4 litre container of concentrate – the dilution rate will vary depending upon its application and 4 litres of concentrate will make either 100 or 200 litres of ready for use fluid. Ready for use TECcare® ULTRA is suitable for use with all cleaning systems including cloths, mops, microfibre etc. and it is ideal for complete disinfection of large areas and pieces of equipment.

VorTEC™ Plus fluid – based on the TECcare® ULTRA technology platform, VorTEC™ Plus fluid undergoes specific manufacturing processes which optimise its performance when aerosolised through the mains powered TECcare® VorTEC™ misting system. TECcare® VorTEC™ can disinfect rooms with capacities ranging from 100m3 to 600m3.

TECcare® ULTRA products are fully compliant with all current legislation including the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Directive.



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