SureWash Classic

The SureWash training to wards comes in the form of a mobile e-learning cart that both staff & visitors can use in their own time

Staff simply login using their ID cards to update their hand hygiene training records. The 24-7 operation means that it is easy to deliver hand hygiene training to evening and weekend staff.



Hand hygiene training now is much less labour intensive through this combination of an e-learning system with patented video measurement technology. The video camera ensures that hand hygiene is performed according to the WHO guidelines. As a result, hand hygiene training records are automatically saved for quality certification bodies. Because the system is mobile, it can be used by anyone in the hospital.

In as little as 5 minutes, both staff and visitors can get a hand hygiene training program anywhere in the hospital, at any time of the day or night. Even such short training sessions have been shown to have the potential to reduce infection rates. This represents a massive breakthrough in combatting the spread of bacteria.

The advantages of SureWash at a glance

Saves Time

  • Operates 24/7 so allows training on the ward to be done round the clock.
  • Can be moved around hospital to reach all staff.
  • All Training records are available to infection control staff.

Saves money

  • Reduces time taken for hand hygiene training and frees infection control team for other important tasks.
  • Increases frequency of training, which reduces infection rates.
  • Reduces the costs of HCAIs.

Saves lives

  • Improved hand hygiene can reduce HCAIs by 50%.
  • Cleaner hands means healthier patients and hospital visitors.

SureWash supports the W.H.O. Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy by:

  • Supporting training and education.
  • Providing evaluation and feedback.
  • Providing a reminder in the workplace.
  • Supporting an institutional safety climate.


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