TRIFLEX Mattress

The unique TRI-FLEX Mattress is the anti-decubitus mattress system with a difference. This innovative system  provides superb comfort and pressure ulcer prevention and has the best possible patient outcomes without the complexity and noise of some dynamic systems.

A flexible mattress system providing both superb comfort and pressure ulcer prevention. Unique in providing numerous customisation positioning options for ultimate support and comfort.

  • No need for additional equipment
  • Potential for zero pressure on heels
  • Ideal for nursing homes and palliative care

Download Matress Configuration Here



The system consists of a three-layer mattress plus two optional wedges. The top  and base section is made from a high density polyurethane foam, and the centre section from a profiled polyurethane foam. Then all three sections are covered with a PU coated two-way stretch fabric and a zip joins the three sections together. A flap has been placed on the top section covers the zips to prevent ingress of fluids. Each mattress also has a non-slip base to prevent any slipping. Comes with a large wedge for head and foot positioning and small wedge for foot and sacral positioning and tilting of patient.

The TRI-FLEX system is so flexible in its design that individual patient solutions can be created from one single mattress. The centre section can be unzipped and then rolled or folded in many different ways and positioned to provide the perfect angle for support.
Tri-flex wedges can be used at the ends or sides of the mattress. By unzipping the three layers, the wedges can be inserted at different levels in the mattress to create increased or decreased angels, for finger changes in positioning according to individuals needs. You will be amazed at how many ways you will find to use the TRI-FLEX. Even without changing its shape, the three separate layers combine to form a highly effective and extremely comfortable pressure reducing mattress.


– PU coated two way stretch cover

– Waterproof and vapour permeable cover

– Sewn cover seams, zipped closure

– Screen printed care and cleaning guide

– Risk category: High1

– Patient weight guide: 185kg/29 stone2

Download the TRI-FLEX Specification Here, tri-flex-specification

Download the TRI-FLEX User Guide Here, tri-flex-user-guide





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