Pulsair Choice Mattress

The Pulsair Choice Mattress Replacement is designed to bring maximum flexibility of pressure area care to patients in the home care environment.

Mix and match the Pulsair Choice power unit with the pressure relieving mattress, mattress overlay or cushion for simple, cost-effective stepping up or down of pressure care for patients at all risks of pressure damage.



  • Designed to automatically adjust pressure within each of the cells throughout the cycle so that support is maintained in response to patient weight, movement and position
  • Power unit automatically recognises which support unit is connected and applies the therapy accordingly
  • Operation buttons with autolock feature to prevent inadvertant button operation
  • Power unit with audio alerts and LCD display showing current operation status and fault conditions
  • Facility to allow unpowered support for user for up to 4 hours
  • Mattress with non-tear anchoring straps
  • Power unit with carry handle and adjustable hanging brackets
  • CPR function
  • Removable and washable cover which is vapour permeable and waterproof
  • Welded cover seams


  • System also compatible with manufacturer’s mattress overlay or cushion

Product dimensions

Manufacturers pressure relief guide high
Length 195cm
Width 88cm
Height 18cm
Capacity 200kg


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