Polti Mondial Vap Special Top

This Polti Mondial Vap Special Top is a steam and vac operated steam cleaner ideal for all your steam cleaning requirements.

This Polti Mondial Vap Special Top Steam cleaner offers an unlimited operating time with the continuous fill system, also with a added vacuum.


How it works?

Steam is gas with extraodinary cleaning power, as it works as a surfactant and dissolves grease, it will also reach the most inaccessible areas.

Polti’s steam cleaners have unrivalled cleaning power, at a high temperature (150’c) and under high pressure (6 bar).

The dry steam with no minerals or electrical conductivity neutralises the static charge of dust particles, and the heat allows the steam to detach and dissolve the dirt. Freeing and capturing all dirt particles within its passage, such as grease, germs, bacteria and dust mites, guaranteeing an extraordinarily safe and quick hygienic action.

There are several functions to the Polti Mondial Vap Special Top such as; steam, vaccum, injection/extraction, wash with water and steam and vacuum together. This Steam Cleaner is simple and easy to use via the controls on the handle of the machine making it the ideal Steam Cleaning machine for all your steam cleaning requirements, from nursing homes, kitchens, gum removal, etc.

Technical Features:

  • Unlimited operating time
  • Steam regulation on 5 levels up to 125 g/m
  • Pressure 5 bars = 152’c
  • Reinforced stainless steel boiler
  • Water tank capacity 2.5 litres
  • Dirt collection tank capacity 3.5 litres
  • Max vacuum power 1200w
  • Weight 15kg

Supplied with a full set of steam cleaning accessories:

  • Connection hose and trigger
  • Extension tubes
  • Multi purpose brush 400m
  • Bristle insert – for the above
  • Carpet insert – for the above
  • Suction insert – for the above
  • Small nozzle
  • Small squeegee
  • Large squeegee
  • Small loom bristle nozzle
  • Short steam lance
  • 120 Degree tool with small brush
  • Pack of 3 round brushes
  • Set of 3 colour brushes
  • Small draw hole accessory
  • Fabric brush with sprayer
  • Floor brush with sprayer
  • Floor brush attachment – for the above
  • Bag for accessories
  • 5 litre filling tank


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