Fresh Wave IAQ GEL 250g

Fresh Wave Gel for continuous non-toxic odour control 

A passive, continuous-release formulation that works around the clock to provide constant odour elimination, day or night. The Gel has an initial mild aroma that quickly dissipates.

Covers approximately 15 – 20m² for 30 days.



Fresh Wave Gel is a Non-toxic, natural odour elimination product, activated by ambient airflow and proven to be effective in combating persistent odours.

Fresh Wave IAQ is the only line of commercial-grade odour eliminating products that are non-toxic, effective on both organic and inorganic odours and available in multiple formats to address any application or environment. Fresh Wave IAQ odour eliminators are made from natural non toxic and bio degradable active ingredients. This makes fresh Wave IAQ products safe to use around people and animals.

Ingredients include: use-this_fwiaq-logo-ingredients_english

Unlike any other odour eliminator which acts as a masking agent, Fresh Wave totally eliminates the odour and doesn’t contain any irritating fragrances. It can work on virtually any odour and is safe for humans, animals and the environment due to the natural ingredients, and zero aggressive chemicals.

Fresh Wave eat away bad smells left behind from vomit, faeces, smoke, pet smells, cooking odours, mould and damp odours plus many more.

Ideal for: Lobbies, common areas, restrooms, fitness centres, janitorial closets, hallways, guest rooms, class rooms, boarding kennels

Available in:
250g jar, and 10kg refill bucket.


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