Aeroguard MINI Air Purification System

The Aeroguard Mini is the world’s most compact high performance air purifier with multiple stages Filtration System. It is compact and light, user friendly and energy saving.

Thanks to the highest HEPA filtration and the NANOPURE anti-virus technology Aeroguard MINI efficiently removes dust, pollens, virus, bacteria and odours from the indoor air.

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Aeroguard Mini

The Aeroguard Mini is the newest and most innovative compact odour eliminator and air purification system on the market.  With 5 Filtration stages, the Aeroguard can eradicate malodours and air pollution in a short period of time leaving your home odour free, clean air and a pleasant environment to live and work.

Other benefits include; General reduction in illness (fewer viruses and bacteria), residents with COPD and other pulmonary diseases benefit from the cleaner air, Aids sleep, Allergy suffers and very effective for use in end of life care.

 5 Level Filtration System:

Level 1 – PREFILTER The prefilter removes large particles such as hair and fibres. It is washable and easy to mount.

Level 2 – HEPA H13 FILTER Due to the highly efficient particle absorption of the HEPA H13 filter, the smallest particles, such as fine dust, pollen and mold spores are removed by 99.95%.

Level 3 – ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER The activated carbon filter reduces gases as well as natural and chemical odors such as tobacco smoke and food odours.

Level 4 – TITANIUM OXIDE COATING with UV-LED’s The titanium-oxide coating is activated by the UV-LEDs and thus fights bacteria and viruses.

Level 5 – IONIZER The ionizer releases negatively charged ions that stick to the positively charged dirt particles. Thus the dirt particles in the air become heavier and fall to the floor.

It is recommended by the Swiss Allergy Association and has been awarded the Swiss Allergy Label.

  • HEPA filter
  • Multi-level filtration system
  • NANOPURE™ patented virus eliminating technology
  • Three speed levels
  • Energy saving

Delivered Health Solutions understands that one of the biggest challenges care homes face is malodours left behind from urine, faeces, wounds and tobacco. First impressions are so important, let Aeroguard help you to leave a positive lasting impression.

Aeroblock and Aeroguard Testimonials:

“The machine in the lounge on REM is making a huge difference – you can no longer smell urine when you walk through there. The machine is not obtrusive and there have been no issues with any of the residents. The staff are happier to be working in there too.” Cheryl, Head Housekeeper

“I was absolutely blown away when I entered the gym after Delivered Health Solutions’s work. The place looked and smelt entirely different. It was so much cleaner and brighter it was almost like looking at it in HD!” Tim Holmes, Head of Player Welfare and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Widnes Vikings

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