Aeroguard 4S Air Purification and Odour Management System

Aeroguard 4S clean air concept, healthy indoor air at home and at work. Breathing: we do it automatically. But the air that gives us life also carries pollutants and allergens like pollen. dust and spores, that can be dangerous for our health.

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Let Aeroguard 4S remove Fine dust, pet dander, odour, virus or bacteria? We have the solution. Thanks to its 5 stages filtration, Aeroguard ensures pure indoor air around the clock.
Either in the standard filter configuration or with the especially developed anti-tobacco filter, the Aeroguard contributes to a pure healthy air in all working spaces for you and your customers.

  • Multi-level filtration system
  • NANOPURE™ patented virus eliminating technology
  • 5 different function modes
  • Silent Mode
  • User-friendly with LCD display and service indication
  • Energy-saving with high performance


Not too sure if Aeroguard 4S is right for you, then take a look at Aeroguard Mini. 


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