Aeroguard Aeroblock Natural Odour Eliminator

For extra support in combating unpleasant odours try Aeroblock. Compatible with Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini, Aeroblock can be placed inside the odour elimination system to help neutralise smells caused by malodours left behind from faeces, urine, wound smells and tobacco.


Aeroblock can be used in conjunction with Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini for additional support when trying to eliminate stubborn odours left behind from urine, faeces, wounds, and tobacco. Unlike other products Aeroguard doesn’t mask, it continuously eliminates odours to leave clean, fresh smelling air around your home. These natural odour eliminating Aeroblock are easily placed inside Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini, and will need to be changed on a monthly basis. Good news though, for every order of Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini you’ll receive a free supply of Aeroblock which will last a year. That’s one block for every month.

Made from non-allergenic oils and designed for indoor use to degrade and eliminate bad odours in challenging environments. Can also be used with a dispenser which can be wall mounted in areas where there is a constant flow of air circulation, like a door way. Great for use in bathrooms, toilet facilities and kitchens.

Delivered Health solutions understands that one of the biggest challenges care homes face is malodours left behind from urine, faeces, wounds and tobacco. First impressions are so important, let Aeroguard help you to leave a positive lasting impression.

Aeroblock and Aeroguard Testimonials:

“The machine in the lounge on REM is making a huge difference – you can no longer smell urine when you walk through there. The machine is not obtrusive and there have been no issues with any of the residents. The staff are happier to be working in there too.” Cheryl, Head Housekeeper

“I was absolutely blown away when I entered the gym after Delivered Health Solutions’s work. The place looked and smelt entirely different. It was so much cleaner and brighter it was almost like looking at it in HD!” Tim Holmes, Head of Player Welfare and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Widnes Vikings

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