Decontamination Services

More often than not decontamination cleans are urgently required and often critical for processes to carry on. The risk of disease and infection must be dealt with quickly and correctly. If this is the case please call us straight away.

We have specialist decontamination teams to thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas to a clinically safe condition, using only the very best anti-microbial, anti-fungicidal cleaning products currently on the market. We implement best practice and use reputable cleaning products to provide results against MRSA, C.difficile, Listeria and other infections

All our deep cleaning services come with a free bespoke assessment and comprehensive no obligation quotation to ensure you get the best value for money, and our highly trained and qualified staff are ready for action. The best thing about our service is that the products we use are environmentally friendly, which means there is less disruption to your business.

In addition to our decontamination service we offer Infection Control Kits. These kits contain essential items for personnel to quickly respond to any situation that requires Infection Control.


Outbreak Kits

The Kits contain essential items for personnel to quickly respond to any situation that requires Infection Control.We recommend the following Infection Control Kits, however we can tailor a bespoke kit to your environment, budget and needs.

Each Infection Control Kit Includes:

1.      Vileda Spillex for absorbing bodily fluids or spills  (pack of 20 each absorbs 1.5 Litres)

2.      TECcare® CONTROL Aerosol Single Use Misting System For Air Decontamination x 6 includes holders

3.      TECcare® CONTROL Trigger bottle RFU/ Disposable Microfiber Wipes For Hard Surface Control x 1 Litre Concentrate, 100 disposable microfiber cloths and 4 trigger bottles. 1 Litre concentrate makes 83 bottles

4.      Fresh Wave IAQ® For Odour Elimination Spray x 2 Litre sprays