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The outbreak of the ‘winter vomiting bug’ norovirus has previously struck down more than 1million people in the UK, and caused hospitals and schools to close, as well as great misery for those who had to endure the symptoms of this highly contagious virus. Unfortunately norovirus hasn’t gone anywhere, though that particular outbreak was memorable for its sheer scale, and it did draw attention to how important it is to control such an outbreak and the most effective ways in which to do so.

Known as a winter vomiting bug only because it’s more common during colder seasons, when people stay indoors more and group together, norovirus is once again making the rounds with outbreaks of varying scales currently being reported around the UK. So now is the time to take action in your care home to keep your residents safe and well, by practicing proper infection control methods and encouraging healthy habits for both residents and staff alike.

What is norovirus?

As we’ve already mentioned, the nickname given to norovirus is a misnomer as it’s possible to catch it during the summer months too, although much less likely. Norovirus is spread through even very tiny particles of infected vomit or faeces, which could be inhaled, picked up by touching a contaminated surface, or eating contaminated food.

As well as projectile vomiting, norovirus also causes watery diarrhoea, but fever, headaches, stomach cramps and aches are also symptoms that can appear. Its symptoms are severely unpleasant in the short term and will manifest one to two days after contracting the virus, but they only last for two or three days once they have appeared.

What sets norovirus apart from other stomach bugs is that it is extremely contagious, and those suffering are encouraged not to visit their GP to further prevent the virus spreading, and also because there is no cure – norovirus is a virus, not a bacteria, and therefore antibiotics won’t be effective. Instead, if medical advice is really needed, it should be sought by calling their GP or NHS 111.

Preventing the spread of norovirus

Hospitals, schools, and indeed care homes are unfortunately common sources of outbreaks such as norovirus as they are semi-closed environments where people are in close contact with one another for long periods of time. Therefore, special efforts must be made to prevent an outbreak from occurring in the first instance. The Healthcare Infection Society has specific guidelines for managing norovirus in healthcare settings, but here are our most important tips:

  •  During the winter months when norovirus risks are at their highest, it’s even more important that care home staff and residents regularly and thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water to remove any norovirus particles from their skin. Hand washing is the single most important step that you can take in care home infection control. After washing hands, always use a personal bottle of hand sanitizer like, TECcare Protect Hand Sanitizing Foamer
  • Those that have contracted norovirus should be isolated from those without the virus, whether in separate rooms or even areas of the care home, and use different facilities. This should continue for up to 48 hours after symptoms have passed.
  • Care home staff should wear PPE including disposable gloves, apron and face mask when tending to residents with the virus.NOROVIRUS
  •  All surfaces that could be possibly contaminated should be disinfected – we recommend following the TECcare environment protocol proven to kill the virus.
  • Fabrics that could be contaminated should be washed immediately on a hot wash in conjunction with TECcare to kill the virus, including towels, bedding, clothing, and upholstery.
  • Infected vomit or faces in the toilet should be flushed away with the lid closed and then the entire surrounding area cleaned and disinfected.
  •  Fresh produce should be washed and thoroughly cooked before consumption.
  • Visitors to your care home should be limited only to those that are essential.
  • At Delivered Health Solutions our comprehensive Infection Control products range will help you to control and prevent an outbreak of norovirus, and keep your residents and your staff safe. Norovirus is a particularly difficult virus to control, but with the right preparation and plans in place, it’s possible to avoid being part of the statistics.
22 Aug

DHS Challenge – Transformation Tuesday – Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery

DHS Challenge – Transformation Tuesday – Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery
Next stop on our DHS challenge: Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery.

Nuffield Health Birmingham Rubery contacted Delivered Health Solutions and challenged us to remove odours derived from constant use of the fitness studio. After hearing rave reviews from, Tim Holmes, Vikings Head of Player Welfare & Strength and Conditioning, Nuffield’s curiosity peaked and they asked to be the next challengers.

Challenge accepted. Que, Aeroguard 4S.

Aeroguard 4S is a 2-in-1 odour elimination and air purification solution. Perfect for a gym environment where air quality is very important and foul odours are present from consistent use.

With its 5 filtration stages, the odour elimination and air purification system constantly guarantees you fresh, clean and healthy air.

Each filtration stage has its own job:

5-Stage Filtration System
  1. Pre Filter – captures hair and rough larger particles
  2. SWISS HEPA 13 Filter – fine dust, pollen, mildew, pet dander & spores
  3. Active Carbon Filter – gas & odours
  4. Nanopure+ – viruses and bacteria
  5. Duotron – UV light filter which outputs combined ions – positive & negative ions.

In a gym environment, the Duotron technology is a particular benefit. Without getting too technical, it’s all about the airborne IONS. Negative IONS bond with pollutants in the air making them heavier causing them to fall to the ground, which is good. Through the charge of the positive ions, the cell walls of viruses and bacteria are destroyed.

There are various health benefits to Ionised air.  Ionised air can strengthen the cardiovascular system thus creating better blood flow and stabilisation of pulse frequency. It can also help improve oxygen intake, which is crucial when exercising and can help increase endurance performance and feeling more vital.

So far, the results and feedback have been outstanding.

Debbie Shepherd, Nuffield Birmingham Rubery member said “It was refreshing to go in to the studio after a class and not be hit with the smell of bodily odours from previous members efforts, instead there was just no smell at all. It was weird. You wouldn’t have known there was a class on before. I also didn’t feel as tired during the class, and the air in general felt cleaner, less stuffy”.

Nuffield Health

Before we begin each challenge, we measure the indoor air quality on a handy little portable machine, an Air Quality Monitor. The Air Quality Monitor is a laser particle monitor which can detecting particles down to 0.5 micron with the large particle size range is calibrated to 2. 5 microns and above. The monitor generates two numbers, one measuring the small particles and the other larger particles. At the beginning of the challenge, the studio measured 70 microns (pollen, etc.) and 7 microns (bacteria/mould etc.).

Today, we popped back to see how the challenge was progressing, the monitor read 7/1 microns. What a huge difference!

Do you have an odour issue, poor indoor air quality or want to improve productivity? Why not contact us to discuss if you are ready to take the DHS challenge.
                                                                          Email: sales@deliveredhealthsolutions.co.uk
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11 Jul

DHS Named Widnes Vikings Official Partner for 2018 Season

DHS Named Widnes Vikings Official Partner for 2018 Season

Delivered Health Solutions have already partnered with Widnes Vikings on a number of successful projects, including an initiative to give local care homes VIP experiences at Vikings games. We have also developed an exciting video campaign with the Vikings players, taking advantage of the Club’s growing social media reach, which will be launched in the coming weeks.

After receiving significant business interest from their initial work with the Vikings, the company has chosen to further its partnership with the Club.

Widnes Vikings have also adopted Delivered Health Solutions products, with the company generously giving the Club a specialist air purification  and odour management system and its leading products to keep the players Performance Centre fresh and clean.

Barbara Meeks, Managing Director of Delivered Health Solutions, says: “We are very proud to have signed up as an official partner of Widnes Vikings. Since we first partnered with the Club in May, we have seen that the Vikings do fantastic work in the community, offer innovative marketing ideas and care about delivering real value to their commercial partners. We are excited to be an Official Partner for 2018 and for our upcoming digital marketing campaign this season.”

James Rule, CEO of Widnes Vikings, says: “I am delighted to welcome Delivered Health Solutions to the Vikings partner family. I am very proud that they made this commitment because of the value they see in the Club’s marketing abilities and the work that we deliver in the community. Delivered Health Solutions are a national organisation with great values and a real belief in the future of the Vikings, so are a perfect addition to Official Partner network.”

For more information regarding the Air Purification & Odour Elimination system visit: http://deliveredhealthsolutions.co.uk/product/aeroguard-4s-air-purification-system/

For more information on community projects ran by Widnes Vikings visit: http://www.widnesvikings.co.uk/news



28 Apr

Aeroguard: cost effective, environmentally friendly & effective way to combat odour problems & indoor airpollution

Aeroguard: cost effective, environmentally friendly & effective way to combat odour problems & indoor airpollution

A recent news article reported that there were 35 nursery schools in the Greater Manchester area within proximity to roads breaking the legal pollution limits. This is a worrying thought on a number of levels. First of all, the investigation which was carried out by Greenpeace doesn’t mention anything about the other educational facilities like primary, infant and junior schools within these areas, nor park and recreational grounds. And it focused on one particular geographical location. How many other towns and cities have education and care home facilities near to these types of main roads.

Pollution can have major health repercussions on all types of people but the most vulnerable are children and the elderly, also pregnant women, allergy sufferers and those with respiratory health conditions. Isn’t it our job as adults not within the vulnerable category to help those less able than ourselves?!

The world health organisation has identified indoor air pollution as one of the biggest dangers to our health, with an estimated 4.3 million people a year die from the exposure to household air pollution, and with people spending up to 90% of their time indoors this is not good. And even more worryingly, the more energy efficient our offices and homes become the increased risk of even high pollutants being trapped in our indoor air, and in inadvertently inhaling said pollutants.

So, what exactly is classed as indoor air pollution;

  • Asbestos, mineral dusts and fibres, Bacteria & viruses, Biological allergens, Black carbon Carbon monoxide (CO), Diesel exhaust, Insecticides, Lead, Metals, Methane, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), Particulate matter (PM), Polychlorinated, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Radon, Solvents & Formaldehyde, Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Tobacco Smoke and Volatile organic compounds (VOCs

This all sounds like pretty worrying news, right?! Don’t panic, there is always a solution to a problem. What is that solution I hear you ask? 

Aeroguard Mini, is a revolutionary clean air concept, or air purification system to you and me, with a difference. This system promises to remove harmful substances from indoor air pollution all while removing unpleasant and unwanted odours like urine, faeces, smoke and damp. Two for the price of one!

The world’s most compact high performance air purifier with multi- stage filtration system. It is compact and light, user friendly and energy saving. It has the highest HEPA filtration and NANOPURE anti-virus technology to efficiently removes dust, pollens, virus, bacteria and odours from the indoor air and comes highly recommended by the Swiss Allergy Association and has been awarded the Swiss Allergy Label.

To discuss how Aeroguard can help support you with your odour management and infection control needs then contact us for more information, free demonstration and no obligation quotation.

For more information: Aeroguard


20 Apr

Delivered Health Solutions named exclusive UK distributor of Aeroguard Mini & Aeroguard 4S

Delivered Health Solutions named exclusive UK distributor of Aeroguard Mini & Aeroguard 4S

Delivered Health Solutions (DHS) have signed an exclusive agreement with a leading global brand to be the official partner and distributor of a revolutionary clean air concept,  Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini.

The Aeroguard products promise to remove harmful substances from indoor air pollution, including rough particles like hair and fabrics, small particles including fine dust, pollen and spores as well as airborne viruses and bacteria, to prevent allergies and other airborne diseases from developing. It also has the ability to eliminate unpleasant odours and unwanted smells like urine, faeces, smoke and damp.

The Aeroguard MINI is the world’s most compact high performance air purifier with multi- stage filtration system. It is compact and light, user friendly and energy saving. It has the highest HEPA filtration and NANOPURE anti-virus technology to efficiently removes dust, pollen’s, virus, bacteria and odours from the indoor air and comes highly recommended by the Swiss Allergy Association and has been awarded the Swiss Allergy Label.

The Aeroguard 4S, the larger of the two products has a 6-stage filtration system, with intelligent self monitoring sensors to monitor air quality and react accordingly. Similarly to the Aeroguard Mini, the Aeroguard also has the highest HEPA filtration and NANOPURE Plus UVA filters to reduce viruses and bacteria contamination, ioniser to improve odour and air quality and also comes tested and approved by the Swiss Asthma & Allergy Foundation.
The air purification system and multiple stage filtration system has undergone rigorous trials and testing within major European cities, the results saw the quality of the indoor air greatly improved leading to a positive outcome both on staff and resident wellness.

Delivered Health solutions will be focussing on the care home sector, education and childcare establishments, as well as leisure and hospitality where odour management and improved air quality is key.

Barbara Meeks, Founder & Managing Director, Delivered Health Solutions, said, “We are thrilled to be the exclusive partner to launch Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard mini in the UK, we believe this is the right technology to dramatically improve air quality and help improve long-term odour elimination at the same time, and we want to encourage people to take action in minimising their risk and lessen indoor air quality problems effectively.



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19 Oct

DHS Implement New Infection Prevention Technology Across Hill Care Ltd

DHS Implement New Infection Prevention Technology Across Hill Care Ltd

Eighteen care homes within the Hill Care group have applied the TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ implemented by Delivered Health Solutions to help futureproof infection prevention.

Widnes, UK – Delivered Health Solutions (DHS) a specialist distributor to the healthcare market has been working in conjunction with Hill Care to find a solution for infection prevention within eighteen of their care homes. DHS has revolutionised infection prevention protocols by promoting and applying the TECcare® technology creating a TECcare ENVIRONMENT™.

Hill Care have taken great steps and proven themselves to become an early adopter by implementing the new TECcare® technology, pushing the boundaries and pioneering the way in which infection and prevention is dealt with in the care home sector.

A TECcare® ENVIRONMENT is the result of using a combination of TECcare® products in order to reduce the number of microbes within the environment to its lowest possible level whilst simultaneously interrupting key microbial transmission pathways. Transmission pathways are the key to the spread of microbes, these include air, water, hands/skin and surfaces. By addressing the transmission pathways using TECcare products you minimise the microbiological risk, resulting in the cleanest, safest, most productive and efficient environment that can be practically achieved.

Barbara Meeks, Managing Director of DHS said, “A TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ offers Hill Care staff and residents the chance to operate, work and live somewhere where the risk posed by viruses, bacteria and other microorganism is reduced to its lowest possible level.”

The TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ which has been rolled out across the Hill Care group will pave the way for more efficient cleaning and infection prevention, and help with the ongoing prevention of infection in and around the care home environment specifically focusing on carpet cleaning, soft furnishing and mopping.

Neil Shepherd, Sales Director of DHS said “By creating a TECcare® ENVIRONMENT within the care home, Hill Care are giving the staff the best tools to deal with modern challenges faced day-to-day in a care home environment and future proofing infection prevention which is highly effective and safe for staff and residents. DHS have used their extensive knowledge and years of experience to hand pick the solution best suited for Hill Care, the range of products used from TECcare® has been exclusively selected to ensure Hill Care get the best solution for their needs. Ongoing training and support will be offered by DHS to the Hill Care staff to enable them to continue to deal with the changing and demanding care home environment.”

Wendy Waddicor, Managing Director of Hill Care said “We have a long standing relationship with DHS, they understand our needs, our challenges and our budget considerations. The TECcare® products offered by DHS have helped us to become more efficient when it comes to cleaning and infection prevention and control, forward thinking by using new technology but most importantly the health and safety benefits of the products which mean the safeguarding of our staff and residents. We have also had a reduction in SKU and improved cost control.”

Delivered Health Solutions hope to encourage more homes within the sector to adopt this new technology and apply a TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ in all care homes using Hill Care as a benchmark to create a TECcare® future.


19 Oct

Scottish Care National Care Conference event date announced

Scottish Care National Care Conference event date announced

The annual Scottish National Care Conference will take place on Friday 20th of November 2015 at the Glasgow Hilton hotel.

The Event will again consist of the Conference and Exhibition during the day followed by the National Care Awards in the evening.

For information on how to Exhibit at this event or for information on sponsorship opportunities please contact us on 0151 422 9335.

19 Aug

New Services Provided by Delivered Health Solutions

New Services Provided by Delivered Health Solutions

Thought I would share our good news with all my connections prior to the launch of our new National Service offering Kitchen Deep Cleans, Carpet and upholstery deep cleans/Maintenance Cleans/Odour Management & Hi Level decontamination’s of facilities.

We have been offering these services to our existing customers for some time now, but feel the Care industry currently has had to rely on companies that do not fully understand the challenges within the sector. Our web site and information are being updated as we speak so if you require any further information or for your free quotation please do not hesitate in contacting Andy Chapman our Divisional Manager.

e-mail andy.chapman@deliveredhealthsolutions.co.uk  Tel: 07502 568562

Office Tel: 0151 422 9335 E-mail: sales@deliveredhealthsolutions.co.uk