Delivered Health Solution's aim is to bring exclusive tried and tested products together to offer multiple sectors such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure, Education and Animal Care a more streamlined purchasing procedure, a one-stop shop to fulfil the needs of a demanding and target driven industry.

Today, Delivered Health Solutions are a full service solutions provider to a number of different sectors, specialising in infection prevention and control. With more than 30 years’ experience as solutions providers they believe that they have the right knowledge, skills and experience to help find the right product for your needs, and be on hand to help educate and train staff members.

Delivered Health Solutions firmly believe that good quality training packages will ensure that the customer experience the full benefit of the products they purchase. Delivered Health Solutions are not just a solutions provider, they are an educator, trainer and adviser and here to help you get the most of out of your purchase.

Mission: To support its customer through innovative product placement, education and training.