11 Jul

Delivered Health Solutions Launch “The DHS Challenge” – take the challenge

Delivered Health Solutions Launch “The DHS Challenge” – take the challenge

Remember this day, today we launch the DHS Challenge. And who better to kick-off the challenge than the legendary local Rugby League Team Widnes Vikings.

Delivered Health Solutions are huge Widnes Vikings supporters and sponsors and it occurred to us who do we know who might have odour issues?! Just imagine, daily how many rugby players will be in and out of the gym, getting all hot and sweaty, inevitably there is going to be some kind of stench left behind (sorry boys!).

Recognising this, and their need to provide the best and cleanest environment for their players, they agreed to take the DHS challenge.

The DHS challenge, what is it I hear you ask? Well, basically the challenge is for anyone who has issues with odour control and management, or has poor indoor air quality which is having a negative impact on people in that environment and who might be suffering from health problems like sickness, allergy issues or respiratory issues.

Delivered Heath Solutions has put together this challenge to show the very effective results a short quick process can have. We will discuss with you in detail what your issue us, assess the situation or the type of business you are and then offer a cost effective and efficient resolution.

Why the DHS Challenge? It’s simple. We wanted to show potential customers the benefits our odour elimination products can have without the risk of investment first. The challenge is a try-before-you-buy scheme, once you’ve experienced the results we’re sure you’ll be making a purchase. We are here to help you get the most out of your bottom line while providing a clean safe and odour free environment. We work with you in partnership, we don’t dictate and certainly wouldn’t recommend anything we hadn’t tried and tested ourselves.

Sign-up and be the next business to take the DHS Challenge.

Contact us to discuss taking the DHS Challenge on 01514229335 or email sales@deliveredhealthsolutions.co.uk

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