19 Oct

DHS Implement New Infection Prevention Technology Across Hill Care Ltd

DHS Implement New Infection Prevention Technology Across Hill Care Ltd

Eighteen care homes within the Hill Care group have applied the TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ implemented by Delivered Health Solutions to help futureproof infection prevention.

Widnes, UK – Delivered Health Solutions (DHS) a specialist distributor to the healthcare market has been working in conjunction with Hill Care to find a solution for infection prevention within eighteen of their care homes. DHS has revolutionised infection prevention protocols by promoting and applying the TECcare® technology creating a TECcare ENVIRONMENT™.

Hill Care have taken great steps and proven themselves to become an early adopter by implementing the new TECcare® technology, pushing the boundaries and pioneering the way in which infection and prevention is dealt with in the care home sector.

A TECcare® ENVIRONMENT is the result of using a combination of TECcare® products in order to reduce the number of microbes within the environment to its lowest possible level whilst simultaneously interrupting key microbial transmission pathways. Transmission pathways are the key to the spread of microbes, these include air, water, hands/skin and surfaces. By addressing the transmission pathways using TECcare products you minimise the microbiological risk, resulting in the cleanest, safest, most productive and efficient environment that can be practically achieved.

Barbara Meeks, Managing Director of DHS said, “A TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ offers Hill Care staff and residents the chance to operate, work and live somewhere where the risk posed by viruses, bacteria and other microorganism is reduced to its lowest possible level.”

The TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ which has been rolled out across the Hill Care group will pave the way for more efficient cleaning and infection prevention, and help with the ongoing prevention of infection in and around the care home environment specifically focusing on carpet cleaning, soft furnishing and mopping.

Neil Shepherd, Sales Director of DHS said “By creating a TECcare® ENVIRONMENT within the care home, Hill Care are giving the staff the best tools to deal with modern challenges faced day-to-day in a care home environment and future proofing infection prevention which is highly effective and safe for staff and residents. DHS have used their extensive knowledge and years of experience to hand pick the solution best suited for Hill Care, the range of products used from TECcare® has been exclusively selected to ensure Hill Care get the best solution for their needs. Ongoing training and support will be offered by DHS to the Hill Care staff to enable them to continue to deal with the changing and demanding care home environment.”

Wendy Waddicor, Managing Director of Hill Care said “We have a long standing relationship with DHS, they understand our needs, our challenges and our budget considerations. The TECcare® products offered by DHS have helped us to become more efficient when it comes to cleaning and infection prevention and control, forward thinking by using new technology but most importantly the health and safety benefits of the products which mean the safeguarding of our staff and residents. We have also had a reduction in SKU and improved cost control.”

Delivered Health Solutions hope to encourage more homes within the sector to adopt this new technology and apply a TECcare® ENVIRONMENT™ in all care homes using Hill Care as a benchmark to create a TECcare® future.


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